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Amanda Pike OsteopathAmanda Pike

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Amanda has been around sport, health care practitioners and injuries her whole life.  So becoming an osteopath and being able to assist her patients to recover from these injuries was a natural choice for her.

Amanda joined Spring Osteo Clinic in 2015.  She is an enthusiastic osteopath who has a keen interest in sports injuries, pregnancy related pain and women’s health. Prior to becoming an osteopath, Amanda spent four years as a trainer at various football clubs across Melbourne where she examined, diagnosed and treated many short and long-term injuries. A deeper understanding of acute injuries came through her Masters which focused on the management of swelling in acute sports injuries.

Amanda has treated many pregnant women and seen the successful results that her pre and post-natal patients get from seeing her through their pregnancy.  Amanda has done extra studies in this field because she wants to assist her patients through this important and special time.  You will sense her passion and interest immediately.

Amanda is trained in dry needling and is a DMA qualified clinical pilates instructor. She offers 1:1 and 1:3 Clinical Pilates programs to assist her patients with rehabilitation and pain management needs. Amanda’s Pilates programs are very popular so their success speak for themselves.

Amanda’s vast sporting background includes gymnastics, diving, athletics and swimming.

Amanda is available Monday to Saturday. To book an osteo appointment with Amanda click here or call 9830 7044. To book a clinical Pilates appointment with Amanda please call 9830 7044.