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Georgia Macdonald OsteopathGeorgia Macdonald


Georgia’s always had a keen interest in the human body and how it worked. After seeking her own osteopathic treatment she became fascinated by the osteopathic approach and the founding tenet – “the body is a unit”. Georgia graduated with a double bachelor degree with distinction from RMIT and has gone on to extend her studies in clinical Pilates with DMA and Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institute (APPI).

Georgia is a life-long learner (and nerd) and is happy to discuss the human body and all its various eccentricities with you. She has a strong interest in pain science and would love to assist you to better understand your pain and how to reduce it. She aims to educate every patient about how the brain is vital in understanding and managing persistent and chronic pain.

Georgia has a passion for treating dancers. Having trained in ballet she understands the demands of dance on the body. Georgia has completed further study in injury prevention and performance enhancement with physiotherapist and dance educator Lisa Howell (founder of the Ballet Blog) and she is happy to offer pre-pointe assessment for students looking to progress onto pointe.She has also completed further education in providing Pilates and conditioning for dancers.

Outside of work you can find Georgia baking, walking her dog, reading or attending Pilates and adult ballet classes. She would be delighted to talk your ear off about her dog Whisky if prompted.

Georgia offering osteo appointments, clinical exercise programs and pre-point assessments.  She is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

To book a clinical exercise program with Georgia please call 9830 7044.  To book an osteo treatment or pre-point assessment, you can book online or call 9830 7044.