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Josh’s interest in osteopathy started when he was first treated for his own sports injuries. He was attracted to the benefits osteopathy gave him and sought to offer the same benefit to others.

Josh will employ a direct approach to your treatment, he will complete a full medical history; look at your primary issue; look at any referred pain and ask why or how the injury or pain occurred.  He is committed to personalising your treatment rather than providing a ‘one size fits all’ approach which means he is likely to provide a hands-on treatment and together you may look at making some manageable lifestyle changes.

Sports injuries and chronic pain recovery and rehabilitation are Josh’s main areas of interest.

Sports injuries

Josh enjoys assisting sports players (regardless of level) to get back to or keep playing sport.  He has a specific interest in golf biomechanics and he enjoys  using osteopathy to assist golfers of all levels to get the most out of their game. Josh has worked as a trainer for various local football clubs, giving him a thorough understanding and experience in acute sports injuries. He has assisted in strength and conditioning programs for netballers, runners and swimmers, and aided golfers in injury rehabilitation. Having a rich sports background himself, Josh has played hockey, swimming, basketball, athletics, volleyball, football and golf, all of which assists him to understand the many and varied sports injuries you may have.

Chronic pain and rehabilitation

Away from sports injuries, Josh feels satisfaction when he sees his patients with chronic pain improve and regain the ability to perform tasks they had previously lost. Josh is DMA qualified in Clinical Pilates and may use our Pilates studio as a tool in your treatments for chronic pain and rehabilitation. He also runs a handful of small group clinical exercise classes on a weekly basis.

Joining Spring Osteo in 2016, Josh has grown to become a leader within our clinic. Today, he mentors and provides leadership advice to many of his colleagues and his opinion is sought out in our monthly lunch and learn presentations. Prior to working at Spring Osteo, Josh had two years experience treating in a supervised osteopathic clinic. He also worked as an osteopathic intern at Victorian Police, reviewing the Academy training schedule to reduce the amount of injuries the recruits suffered during training.

Josh offers

  • osteo appointments
  • 1:1clinical exercise programs
  • Small group exercise programs


Josh is available Monday to Friday

To book an osteo appointment click here or call 9830 7044. To book a clinical exercise program, please call 9830 7044.

If you wish to find out more about osteopathy and what Josh can treat, click here.