Most people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Back pain may range from your neck through to your buttocks and may come on suddenly. For some people, your pain will be acute, lasting no longer than three months but for others, it may become chronic pain which will last for more than three months.

Our Osteopaths consider the many types of backpain and the many factors that may contribute to it before recommending a treatment plan. One of our appointments may consist of:

  • full medical history and understanding of your lifestyle
  • physical assessment
  • hands-on treatment including soft tissue massage, manipulation or joint mobilisation
  • exercise prescription
  • knowledge sharing which may assist you to better understand your pain and how to self manage or reduce it
  • referral to other services within our clinic
  • referral for exernal scans or specialist
  • treatment plan highlighting how many treatment you may require as well as home exercises/lifestyle recommendations

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We offer onsite and virtual appointments
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We’re thrilled to welcome Chris Cormick to our Osteo team 🍀🍀🍀 Chris has spent 35 years in the health industry. He completed his Masters in osteopathy, at Victoria University in 2002. Before that, he trained as a massage therapist in London, a PT in New Zealand, and completed a Diploma in Sports at Otago University […]

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