Pain management is a key focus area for all osteopaths. Chronic pain may be caused by scarring or damage to your nerves; signals to your brain works; your beliefs around pain; and other health conditions.

  • Pain is classified as either acute or chronic/persistent.
  • Pain experienced after an injury is known as acute pain, and is defined as lasting up to three months.
  • Persistent pain, otherwise called ‘chronic pain,’ lasts for more than three months.
  • Persistent pain can reduce attendance at work or education and participation in daily activities.
  • Persistent pain is also a leading cause of depression, poor mental health and well-being.

All our osteopaths manage acute and chronic pain.  We will assess your pain or injury by asking questions that will include how long you’ve had your pain; how you believe you may have obtained the pain; what strategies (if any) you’ve tried in the past to overcome the pain; what worked and what didn’t work. From here we will create a pain management plan which may include:

  • hands-on treatment
  • movement positions to relieve or avoid pain
  • exercises to strengthen or train parts of the body to cope with pain at home or work
  • suggest activities for when your pain gets worse. This can include diversion (distraction activities)
  • Discussion around your lifestyle, sleep patterns, diet, exercise, stress release

We’re available six days a week with early morning and evening appointments. To discuss your chronic or persistent pain and how we may be able to assist, please book online or call 9830 7044.

We offer onsite and virtual appointments
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