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Stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home or at work

Stretching exercises to do at home Ideally perform these exercises after getting home from work, which may undo the buildup of muscle tension and joint stiffness from a long days work. Rolled towel stretch Roll a towel up to a fairly firm state and lie on it so your spine runs along it from your […]


Autism and osteopathy

Autism and osteopathy. Like all children, your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may suffer from muscle or joint pain/injury at some stage in their life. This could be a headache, postural discomfort or sports injury. If your child struggles with communication, expressing this pain may be difficult and frustrating but left untreated may snowball […]


Improve golf – Golf injuries – Spring Osteo Clinic

Golf ergonomics Golf is an activity that can cause and/or exacerbate your conditions, particularly in relation to your low back, hips, shoulders and wrists. Using osteopathy, we aim to  reduce the risk of these injuries, potentially enabling you to get the most of out of your body and your game. Set up and address     […]