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Returning to footy after injury.

We live and breathe footy. We play footy. Our kids play footy. We sponsor footy and most importantly we treat a lot of footy players. We treat young auskickers, junior footy, school footy, amateur, and professional footy players.Β  Our aim is to work with you to have back on the field and keep you on the field.

The reasons we see players in the clinic include:

πŸ‘‰ hamstring strain
πŸ‘‰ calf strain
πŸ‘‰ AC joint shoulder sprain
πŸ‘‰ jarred finger (could be a sprained ligament, dislocated joint, or fracture)
πŸ‘‰ corkies
πŸ‘‰ knee ligament injuries
πŸ‘‰ overuse injuries
πŸ‘‰ shin splints
πŸ‘‰ osteitis pubis
πŸ‘‰ plantar fasciitis
πŸ‘‰ concussion

πŸ‘‰ advice

Whilst we can treat the specific injury we also work with players (and parents) to give you advice on what to do, how long to rest; when to use ice; when to use compression; where to get compression from, and what size to ask for. We also explain how to warm up before the game and keep warm during the game. Often we will also need to work with you to strengthen areas to avoid repeat or new injuries.

An initial appointment will include a full medical history and hands-on treatment.Β  We will also ask lifestyle questions to understand your level of footy and your goals in your footy career; we will ask about other sports you may play; sleep; stress; work; school etc. At the end of the first treatment, we will create a treatment plan to not only have you back on the ground as soon as possible but also advice on how to keep you on the ground.

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Hamstring, calf, finger, shoulder injury from footy

Dr Angus McQuie
Spring Osteo Clinic
2/486 Whitehorse Rd
Surrey Hills Vic 3127

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