Clinical pilates

Clinical pilates Surrey HillsWe offer clinical pilates which is an individually tailored treatment program designed to identify and manage the root cause of your injury or pathology.   It is a form of exercise that focuses on posture, core stability, balance and coordination, flexibility and breathing.  The programs use equipment including a reformer, trapeze, mats and gym balls.

Clinical pilates is different from generic or fitness pilates as it is conducted by an osteopath trained in clinical pilates and is highly specific to your requirements. Our instructors aim to determine your key issues and design a program specific to your needs, which allow for optimal results and reduced risk of injury.

Benefits of clinical pilates:

  • Improve proximal stability (core strength)
  • Decrease pain
  • Aid in injury management
  • Correct poor postural mechanics, which may predispose to injury and pain
  • Decrease recurrence of injuries
  • Train specific muscle groups to allow the body to function more efficiently, which may aid in improving performance
  • Physical wellbeing and stress management
  • Improved balance and motor control
  • Reduce the risk of falls

What conditions can be treated using clinical pilates?

At Spring clinical pilates we cater for everyone, from people needing rehabilitation; pre and post natal women needing to build proximal stability (core strength); middle-aged requiring improved balance and coordination; and fitness fans needing assistance to build strength and improved muscle activation and control for improved performance. It may also be used to manage:

  • Back pain including disc injuries
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Chronic pain including recurring injuries
  • Postural complaints
  • Balance and coordination issues including falls prevention
  • Hip, knee and ankle pain
  • Shoulder and elbow pain

Our programs:

Initial assessments
Prior to attending any of our clinical pilates programs it is necessary that you attend two 1:1 assessments. At the first assessment one of our qualified instructors will obtain your detailed case history. We will then ask you to perform a series of tests and functional movements, which will allow us to tailor a clinical pilates program specific to your needs and goals. At the second solo session your instructor will demonstrate and guide you through your tailored program and show you how to use the equipment.

1:1 clinical pilates sessions
For those who prefer the convenience of a solo-session, Spring offers 1:1 clinical pilates programs. These run for approximately 50 minutes and are conducted by one of our qualified clinical pilates instructors. The 1:1 programs are great for those who prefer the privacy of a solo-session or for those who feel they require greater supervision.

1:3 clinical pilates sessions
Spring also offers the convenience of small group clinical pilates. These sessions run for 50 minutes and are conducted by a qualified clinical pilates instructor. During the 1:3 sessions each participant will be performing their specific program tailored to their needs. To ensure that all participants receive adequate supervision and guidance we limit the size of the class to three participants only.

Small group (1:3) times & instructor:

Day Time (50 mins) Instructor
Monday 9.30am Emily Mason
Monday 10.30am Emily Mason
Monday 6.00pm Emily Mason
Monday 7.00pm Emily Mason
Tuesday 9.30am Amanda Pike
Tuesday 12 midday Amanda Pike
Tuesday 1.00pm Amanda Pike
Tuesday 7.00pm Amanda Pike
Wednesday 10.30am (mums&bubs) Amanda Pike
Wednesday 7.00pm Amanda Pike
Thursday 7.30am Amanda Pike
Thursday 9.30am Amanda Pike
Thursday 7.00pm Emily Mason
Friday 9.30am Amanda Pike
Friday 2.00pm Amanda Pike
Saturday 8.00am Amanda Pike
Saturday 9.00am Kate Foord
Saturday 10.00am Emily Mason

Solo (1:1) sessions can be booked at any time your instructor is available. Please book your small group programs well in advance as spots are limited.  If none of these times work for you, please let us know as we will be adding classes to the schedule and will try to accommodate requests.

What to wear and bring:

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing for stretching and exercising in. You need to wear socks during your program and we suggest you bring a water bottle and towel. For your convenience we stock Move Active non-slip pilates socks at the clinic for $15/pair.

For pricing or to book a clinical pilates program please go to our booking page or call us on 9830 7044.