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Clinical Pilates and Studio Pilates

Whether you’re looking for rehab, fitness, strength or stress release, our Pilates programs offer it all.

We offer Clinical Pilates and Studio Pilates. Our programs draw on exercises based on the Pilates method, as well as current research. It means our way of teaching and programming is constantly evolving and improving for your benefit.
So which one is right for you?

Clinical Pilates Surrey HillsClinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates focuses solely on you and your needs. Its main aim is to aid in injury management and rehabilitation. Clinical Pilates may assist in treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries including pain in your back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and more.

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Studio Pilates Surrey HillsStudio Pilates

Studio Pilates is a fun, dynamic small group class to music. It runs for 45mins and provide a full body Pilates workout for healthy bodies.  Clients join these classes for pain and injury prevention, muscle strength and tone, postural alignment, stress release and fitness.

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What to wear and bring

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing for stretching and exercising in. You need to wear socks during your program and we suggest you bring a water bottle and towel. For your convenience we stock Move Active non-slip pilates socks at the clinic for $17/pair.

What it will cost

For pricing please go to our booking page.

To book

Clinical Pilates – Please call us on 9830 7044

Studio Pilates – You can book online or call us on 03 9830 7044.