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Our qualified allied health professionals (Osteopaths and Exercise Physiologists) who are trained in clinical Pilates will assess your pain and/or injury and movement patterns; determine your requirements; and create a program using specific, individualised and targeted exercises to suit you. You will start with a 1:1 session and may then move to our semiprivate 1:3 sessions.

Clinical Pilates is different from studio or fitness Pilates as it is conducted by our allied health professionals who are trained in clinical Pilates.  Clinical Pilates is highly specific to your requirements. Our instructors aim to determine your key issues and design a program specific to your needs, which allow for optimal results and reduced risk of injury.

Clinical Pilates may be used to manage your back pain including disc injuries; neck and shoulder pain; headaches; chronic pain including recurring injuries; postural complaints; balance and coordination issues including falls prevention; hip, knee and ankle pain; shoulder and elbow pain and more.

Our clinical Pilates programs

Initial assessments 

Prior to attending any of our clinical Pilates programs it is necessary that you attend two 1:1 assessments. At the first assessment we will obtain your detailed case history. We will then ask you to perform a series of tests and functional movements, which will allow us to tailor a clinical Pilates program specific to your needs and goals. At the second solo session we will demonstrate and guide you through your tailored program and show you how to use the equipment.

1:1 clinical Pilates sessions

If you would prefer the convenience of solo-sessions, we offer 1:1 clinical Pilates programs. These run for approximately 50 minutes and are conducted by one of our qualified allied health practitioners.

1:3 clinical Pilates sessions

We also offer small group clinical Pilates sessions. These sessions run for 50 minutes and are conducted by our qualified allied health professionals. During the 1:3 sessions you will be performing specific program tailored to your needs. To ensure that all participants receive adequate supervision and guidance we limit the size of the session to three participants only.

We have 25 semi-private sessions running from Monday to Saturday. Please click here for the timetable. If none of these times work for you, please let us know as we will be adding classes to the schedule and will try to accommodate requests.  Solo (1:1) sessions can be booked at any time your instructor is available.

Clinical Pilates Timetable

To book a Clinical Pilates session or to find out more, please call us on 9830 7044 .