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Rocktape improves athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue and promoting proper form. Unlike conventional tape which constricts blood flow, Rocktape lifts the skin away from the muscles, which increases blood flow. Rocktape also helps promote proper form by helping athletes coordinate their movements, which leads to efficiency. Rocktape stretches just like your skin – wear it anywhere or anytime.

Archies thongs

Archies thongs are high arch support thongs. Flat thongs offer the feet no support and commonly have loose straps which often leads to an abnormal walking pattern and then transfer unwanted stress and strain to the musculoskeletal system which may lead to injury. The designed by a young Physiotherapist from Melbourne to address the issue of and to be an alternative to regular flat thongs.

Pilates socks

Move Active non-slip socks for pilates, barre and yoga. We suggest wearing these in our Studio Pilates and Clinical exercise programs. www.moveactive.com.au

Spiky massage balls

Spiky massage balls are for massage, relaxation exercises and reflexology. They stimulate muscle reflexes to ease tension and provide body relaxation. Apply in circular motions for a firm massage and to improve circulation.

Lacrosse massage balls

Great for self massage. They are hard and dense and don’t weaken under pressure. They assist with relieve pain and improve function in sore muscles. And our yellow branded ones are super cool!

Heat packs

An all natural alternative to relieve aches and pains. Our heat bags can be used on many areas of the body including full muscle relief along the calves, hamstrings, arms, back of the neck and lower back. We offer a rectangle and a lower back wrap style.


Complete Sleeperrr pillow – The luxurious cervical neck support pillow features removable foam inserts, giving you as many as 12 adjustment options so you can create the pillow to suit your comfort needs. Naturelle Latex pillow – Gently Contoured. Designed for all sleeping positions and physiques, the all-natural, high-quality Naturelle latex pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck to provide continuous support throughout the night. Comes in low, medium and high profiles to cater for small to larger bodies!

Foam rollers (30cm and 90cm)

Foam rollers enable a range of exercises designed to enhance your strength, balance and core flexibility. They can help massage deeply into larger muscle groups and mobilise your back. Speak to us at your next appointment about whether you would benefit from a foam roller.


FisiocremSOLUGEL is the ideal natural solution for soft tissue trauma such as bumps, bruises and common muscular aches and pains that result from sport injuries or everyday life.

BeVisible sports compression socks

Unlike many other compression socks, BeVisible Sports Compression Socks are the perfect athletic socks designed for peak performance that helps you reach the extra mile. Engineered with true graduated compression and activated weave, our durable socks provide optimum muscle support, boost circulation and enable faster recovery after a work out or a work day. Benefits: Boosts blood circulation; soothes tired legs and feet; alleviates muscle aches and swelling; improves performance; and relieves symptoms of varicose veins.

Dynamic tape

Dynamic Tape is available in two strengths recognisable by their colours: beige with beige tattoo and beige with black tattoo. Common to both of these tapes is high stretch, good resistance and strong recoil. It stretches much further and does not have a rigid end point like kinesiology tapes. This design and the unique, visco-elastic properties allow it to work like a bungee cord by acting on the levers of the body aiming to provide a deceleration force, absorb load and reduce the work on injured, overloaded or fatigued tissues. It is particularly well suited to applications targeting the musculotendinous unit, functional assistance where weakness or nerve injury is present or for long multijoint applications. The black tattoo offers a slightly higher resistance and recoil to the beige tattoo and is the more commonly used product. The beige tattoo may be preferable on more sensitive skin due to the slightly lower forces or where a more discreet tapping application is required.

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