Clinical exercise programs & Pilates

Whether you’re looking for rehab, pain prevention, fitness, strength or stress release, we offer something for everybody.

We offer two types of exercise programs based on the Pilates method. Our clinical exercise programs (formerly known as clinical Pilates) and Studio Pilates. Each style also draws on strength and conditioning philosophies as well as current research. It means our way of teaching and programming is constantly evolving and improving for your benefit.

So which one is right for you?


Clinical exercise

These programs focus solely on you and your needs. Their main aim is to aid in injury management and rehabilitation. Ie. treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries that may include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Hips and knee pain
  • Headaches and migraines

Our clinical exercise programs are run by our osteos and exercise physiologist. Before you begin, one of our practitioners will assess your pain/ injury and movement patterns; determine your requirements; and create a program using specific, individualised and targeted exercises to suit you. You will start with a 1:1 session and may then move to our semi- private 1:3 sessions.

Virtual exercise programs

During the Covid-19 pandemic we are offering virtual clinical exercise programs. These are 30 min solo sessions run by our osteos and exercise physiologist. These sessions provide the same tailored program you would find at our onsite sessions from the safety and comfort from you home.

Studio pilates

These classes focus on injury prevention and fitness for otherwise healthy bodies. We offer solo and small group classes utilising our small studio and favourite equipment. Studio Pilates aims to provide:

  • injury prevention
  • fitness
  • flexibility
  • muscle strength and tone
  • balance
  • postural alignment

Our solo classes are tailored to your individual needs, whereas our small group classes provide a full body Pilates work out to music. We can adjust the exercise to your level making it a great class for beginners to intermediates.

We offer onsite and virtual appointments
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