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Telehealth is coming.

Today we made the gut wrenching decision to close most of our on-site appointments. It’s a decision we haven’t made lightly and in the considerations were our family’s health and finances, our teams health and finances, your health (both why you come to see us and what you’re risking to do so) and the overall health of Australia.

Even with all our increased processes, with our line of work, we reached a point where we couldn’t guarantee your health or our teams health and this is so much more important. .

We believe wholeheartedly in the services we provide and we believe we have found another way to provide these services, even if it’s just for the interim.

We have been researching Telehealth for a few weeks now but we need time to down most of our tools and get this up and flying. We will be calling all our patients that have an appointment booked next week to explain what we are proposing. It will be a trial, we believe it can work and we’re ready to try. We hope you will join us. .

Whilst we have moved most of our health care to a virtual setting.  We are offering limited emergency osteo appointments each day. If you have an acute injury or severe pain, please book online or call us on 9830 7044.

– Nick, Catherine and the Spring Osteo team .
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