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Golf ergonomics

Golf is an activity that can cause and/or exacerbate your conditions, particularly in relation to your low back, hips, shoulders and wrists.

Using osteopathy, we aim to  reduce the risk of these injuries, potentially enabling you to get the most of out of your body and your game.

Set up and address

Golf ergonomics | Golf injuries | Spring Osteo Clinic






  • Neutral / straight posture of your lumbar (lower) spine, with a slight rounding of your thoracic (mid) spine is the ideal address.
  • The bend / flexion of the address should exclusively come from your hips and a slight knee bend.
  • Your low back should not ever generate this bend.
  • Knee caps should be in line with the middle of your feet and not the end of your toes.
  • Head should be in line with the rest of your spine and not flexed.
  • Arms and shoulders should hang in a relaxed position.
  • Bodyweight should be centred over the middle of your feet, and in between the feet not favouring one foot.

Golf buggies

Golf ergonomics | Golf injuries | Spring Osteo Clinic





Low back and shoulder problems may be exacerbated by the traditional ‘pull behind’ buggy. We suggest you look at using a ‘push’ buggy instead. These buggies may put far less demand on your shoulder and lower back structures.


Knee and hip issues whilst on course can be addressed through more appropriate footwear.

Soft spikes on the bottoms of your shoes can help to reduce torque and friction between you and the ground. They also improve your stability particularly in wet conditions.

Club fitting

Golf ergonomics | Golf injuries |Spring Osteo Clinic






Two measurements can be used:

  • Distance between wrist and floor
  • Persons own height


For golfers with arthritis in the hands bionic gloves can greatly aid in not only reducing pain in your hands but they can also aid in generating an improvement in grip strength which may be reduced if you have arthritis. www.bionicgloves.com

Common problems

Golf ergonomics | Golf injuries | Spring Osteo ClinicBack pain particularly towards the latter end of the round is very common due to incorrect biomechanics, poor mobility, poor core and pelvic muscular control and/or overload and overuse.

Lifting your front foot off the ground prior to the completion of the swing will generate a dangerous amount of rotation through your pelvis and low back.

Lack of mobility through your ankles, hips and upper back results in the mid-lower back having to generate more torque to compensate for this, thus if you have these deficiencies, your lower back is far more susceptible to injury.

What osteopaths can do for injured golfers?

  • Screen your body to assess what may potentially cause injury down the track.
  • Increase mobility through deficient joints, to reduce load on your lower spine, therefore greatly reducing chance of future injury.
  • Rehab and improve muscle strength and conditioning through your pelvic and core muscles, to prevent shearing and excess load on your lower back structures.
  • Look at postures and stance to address potential adjustments that can aid you in lessening the chance of injury/re-aggravation, which you may or may not be aware of.
  • Work through injured and painful areas to alleviate symptoms, enable a quicker return to golf and other activities, rather than simply allowing the condition time to heal.

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