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Aching knees? Stiff hips? Pain and stiffness in the joints which is worse in the morning might be due to osteoarthritis (OA), which is the medical name for age-related change in the joints and cartilage particularly affecting the knees, hips and fingers (1). People with previous joint injuries or people who do repetitive movements in certain jobs may also experience osteoarthritic symptoms in these joints (1).

Is this pain affecting your ability to do the activities or hobbies you love such as golf, tennis or hiking? Osteoarthritis often affects the big lower body joints such as the knees, and this may stop you from being as active as you would like to be (2). In recent years osteoarthritis has been a big subject of scientific study and there have been some changes in the way we think about treating osteoarthritis, most specifically an emphasis on the importance of continuing physical activity in a graded and sensible way (2).  Far from being dangerous to your body, gentle and continued exercise and movement can help you manage your osteoarthritis pain (3).

Osteopaths may help you with symptomatic relief of pain using manual therapy, but we are also able to guide you through an individualised exercise rehabilitation program tailored for your needs aiming to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and increase joint mobility. We can also talk with you about your pain, educating about how to manage and decrease your symptoms and also assist you with modifying any activities which might be painful so you can still participate in the hobbies you love.


Osteo Georgia_osteoarthritis
Basic level knee OA exercises on the chair
Osteo Georgia_osteoarthritis
Mid-level exercises for knee OA on the Bosu ball
Osteo Georgia_osteoarthritis
Higher level lunge exercises for knee OA










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