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Osteo Sarah details how she overcame her own hip pain after completing her first marathon:

Hi everyone,

Since my last blog post, a bit has changed…I am now back running three times per week with no hip pain. This didn’t just happen overnight, I worked with the other osteos at Spring Osteo to develop a treatment plan to ensure my body was ready to start running again. This is something we do with all of our patients at Spring Osteo to make sure both the practitioner and patient have a clear understanding of the steps involved to reach the goal – my short-term goal was to return to running (which I have now achieved!) and my long-term goal is to be able to run another marathon.

My treatment plan consisted of initially taking six weeks off all running and having weekly osteo hands-on treatment to assist in reducing the inflammation around my hip and addressing some underlying issues in surrounding regions that may have contributed to my hip injury.

Rather than running, I took up swimming to keep up my cardiovascular fitness. Although it was tough not being able to run, sticking to this plan helped reduce my pain and enabled me to get back to running sooner. Once the inflammation had settled, I started some weight training and clinical exercise to help build the muscular strength around my hip to prevent this injury from coming back.

The combination of the osteo hands-on treatment and exercise assisted me in having my hip in the best state when I eventually returned to running. When it finally came to the time to start running again, I had to ensure that I did not get too excited and do too much too soon. This is something we see frequently with runners and is a common way to develop running-related injuries. After time off running, it was essential that I gradually built up my distance and intensity. I started with small intervals of running with walking in between and increased my kilometers by a small 10% each week.

What I am doing differently to prevent this injury from coming back is ensuring I do activation exercises before a run, stretching and self-myofascial release work with my foam roller & massage ball, and having osteo treatment as a preventative strategy rather than waiting for the ache or pain to arise.

I am just enjoying my running at the moment, I’ve joined a run club and I am listening to how my body feels! I plan on starting a structured training plan in the coming months as I have signed up to do the Melbourne Marathon in October which I am very excited for.

Stay tuned for my next blog post which will be all about common running-related injuries we frequently see in the clinic – how to look out for them and how we go about treating & managing them.


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