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If you’re a novice or elite athlete (or somewhere in between) a sports injury at some point will pop up, especially if you’re returning to sport after taking a break.

Sports injuries can usually be split into two groups:

  • acute – happens suddenly such as a fall or you get knocked
  • chronic – develops gradually over time (3months+) and results from overuse

Common sports injuries we treat are:

  • Tennis elbow/golf elbow (often not from playing tennis or golf)
  • Ankle sprain
  • Groin strain
  • Hamstring strain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Stress fractures particularly in the lower limbs
  • ACL tear or strain

Returning to sport

As you (or your kids) return to sport after having a break (or summer holidays) consider:

  • how do you warm up
  • use proper equipment (especially shoes)
  • build up slowly
  • don’t overdo it
  • cool down

Why we’re a great option for sports injuries

Each of our osteos are from a strong sports background and has a particular interest in this area. Whilst all Osteos can treat all sports injuries, our team’s specific backgrounds are:

  • Angus McQuie – footy and basketball
  • Sam Baker – gym, footy and basketball
  • Sarah Lawson – running and swimming
  • Amir Nasser – gym, jiu jistu and table tennis
  • Nick Harrison – cricket

An appointment is recommended if:

  • you’re in pain
  • you need advice on pain, pain prevention, returning to sport after a break or injury
  • you would like advice on acute or chronic pain management which may include assistance with proper techniques, equipment, timeframes, children, aging relatives, or weight concerns
  • you haven’t been in for a while and we can complete a review and possibly pick up overuse symptoms before pain sets in

Our ultimate aim is to have you back on the ground at your previous (or higher) level.  At our appointments, we complete a medical history; assess your pain as well as ask questions about your sports and movement; technique; equipment; lifestyle away from sport; sleep and eating patterns, etc. Our treatment plan is may include our hands-on treatments, advice, referrals, and the use of our small studio to assist with sports injury rehab.

We’re available six days a week with early morning and evening appointments. Please book online or call 9830 7044.

We offer onsite and virtual appointments
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