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Osteopathy and tradies

At Spring we treat numerous tradies for injuries sustained whilst working. August has been declared “National tradies month” and we support this initiative.

“Nearly a quarter of all roofers, labourers and plumbers experience back pain, muscle stress and strain from lifting equipment or slips, trips, and falls when handling materials. (Source: http://www.tradieshealth.com.au/).  Startling figures from the APA’s latest health report, show one in five work place accidents involve tradies, putting them among the highest number of injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and other health and safety risks of any profession. (Source: http://www.physiotherapy.asn.au/)

We can attest to these figures with tradies who come to the clinic presenting with acute and chronic pain. Musculoskeletal health is imperative for tradies to do their job and all too often we find patients coming to us when the symptoms are so severe the future of their career and general enjoyment of life is in jeopardy.

If you are a tradie, we may assist you with:

–       Back pain

–       Neck and shoulder pain

–       Knee injuries

–       Ankle strain

–       Postural discomfort

–       Body stress and more

We will take a holistic approach to your treatment by reviewing your direct problem area as well as assessing your whole body and lifestyle.  This helps us to understand the cause of the problem and find ways for you to gain immediate and long-term relief; offer preventative solutions; and equip you with pain management skills.

For more information contact us on www.springosteo.com.au or 03 9830 7044


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