Amir Nasser

Osteopath | Dry needling

As an osteopath, Amir Nasser will treat you holistically, that means he will look at more than just your direct area of pain. He will look at your whole body for referred pain and assess your sports, daily activities, sleep patterns, diet and your lifestyle.

Amir studied at RMIT, completing his masters in osteopathy, which is a five-year degree, in 2018. He worked with Spring Osteo as a Box Hill North FC sports trainer before becoming an osteopath. In addition to osteopathy, Amir has completed his level 1 sports trainer course and dry-needling and cupping courses.

Amir loves working with people

Amir appreciates the feeling of gratitude he receives when he is able to positively affect someone’s life. Amir’s particular areas of interests are sports injuries and aged care. Amir is also the clinic’s main osteopath for Box Hill North FC.

Outside of the clinic, Amir can be found training in Jiu Jistu, playing table tennis, planning his next travel adventure and is always available to talk about his love of cars.

Amir is available for osteopathy, dry needling and cupping appointments five days a week including Saturday.

We offer onsite and virtual appointments
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