Catherine O’Donnell

Studio Pilates Instructor

After doing Clinical Pilates as a pre and post-natal patient for her third pregnancy, Catherine could feel a strong difference in her own body’s strength and ability. She went on to try a range of different Pilates styles including group reformer, studio and circuit Pilates and realised Pilates could offer something for everyone, not just those needing rehabilitation. At this point she decided to do the Certificate IV in Pilates. She loved it and realised she had only scratched the surface so completed her Diploma in Clinical Pilates in 2016.

Catherine enjoys the mental as well as physical experience she gains from Pilates

She likens it to mindfulness in that it takes so much control and concentration to complete some of the moves she can think of nothing else. She also enjoys the body transformation it provides. Whether it’s for rehab; fitness; strength or stress release, Pilates offer something for everybody.

Catherine’s point of different at the clinic is she offers a semi-tailored Pilates experience in our small studio for those that don’t require rehab. ‘Studio Pilates is different to Clinical Pilates and it’s also quite different to group reformer Pilates classes too’ she says. ‘I give my clients a tailored experience whilst also enjoying a bit of sweat and music in a fun and relaxed environment’.

Having worked behind the scenes at Spring Osteo since 2010, Catherine is excited to be stepping out and assisting people to ‘spring for life’ by offering Studio Pilates.

Outside of the clinic, Catherine enjoys running; playing golf; personal Pilates sessions and chasing after her three gorgeous kids.

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