Jenna Benison

Osteopath | Dry needling

“Osteopathy uses a ‘whole body’ approach aiming to care and restore your optimal function and movement” says Jenna. Jenna uses a range of hands-on treatment techniques; tailored exercise and rehabilitation to assist you to improve in your health and prevent re-injury.

Jenna’s ability to listen and be empathetic allows her to do the very best for her patients. These essential skills will allow her to gain a better understanding of your condition and how it is impacting your wellbeing. Together you will prepare and execute a patient plan tailored specially to you.

Jenna always wanted to do something that revolved around health, the human body and helping others. She found the profession through helping her twin sister study to become an osteopath! “Seeing her learn some really cool things about the human body in her first year inspired me to take the leap into osteopathy too!” says Jenna.

Jenna loves the diversity of Osteopathy. In her treatment, she aims to:

  • Build a rapport with you
  • Provide hands on treatment
  • Guide you through your rehabilitation and exercise programs
  • Provide knowledge and empower you to best manage your health and wellbeing

Prior to working at Spring Osteo Clinic, Jenna completed a 2.5 year clinical placement at the RMIT student clinic. She also completed an internship at an aged care facility – visiting patients weekly for treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, Jenna worked as a sports training with her local footy club, and has volunteered with volleyball Victoria where she treated a range of injuries and conditions of many ages.

Since graduating Jenna has completed extra study in:

  • Dry Needling
  • Myofascial Cupping
  • Pregnancy
  • HVLA
  • Chronic Pain
  • Mat and reformer Pilates repertoire

Outside of the clinic, Jenna loves to exercise and keep active. You will either find her in an exercise class, out walking with her dogs or swimming laps at her local pool. Jenna is always up for a challenge and trying something new! At the moment she is training for the Oxfam 100km trail walk.

Jenna is available five days a week including Saturday. Book online or call 9830 7044.

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