Nick Harrison


Practising osteopathy since 2006, Nick has worked at several well recognised clinics across Melbourne including Richmond Osteopathic Clinic and Blackburn Osteopathy. Nick established Spring Osteo in 2010.

Nick is passionate about osteopathy’s principles when assisting you to achieve an improved level of health

He provides a holistic treatment by reviewing your direct area of pain, your whole body and your lifestyle with the aim to finding a safe and effective way to relieve, manage and prevent further pain. Nick’s specific interests are pelvic dysfunction, postural related pain and sports related injuries.

Nick chose osteopathy as his profession to combine his love for sport and managing sports injuries; his natural ability to assist and inspire people to live healthy and happy lives; and his want for a job that would give him the flexibility to be around his family and enjoy his kids while they are growing up.

Nick has played sport his whole life. He has a strong football and cricket background and today is a keen runner and golfer.

Nick provides

  • Osteo treatments
  • Shockwave therapy
We offer onsite and virtual appointments
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